The Art of Fire Juggling

Street performers are a tradition in all countries of the world. The talented juggler here did a 20 minute show involving the audience and wowing them with his skills in juggling. A good performance all round, entertaining skilful and daring.


York, 2018

Whitby Harbour

Whitby is a beautiful quaint place, lovely to visit, photograph and take in. A great history spanning thousands of years it has. I must visit again soon.


A most positive busker

Taken in York, UK August 2018. This busker was playing the tune “Yakety Yak” Otherwise known as “The Benny Hill theme.” The public was stopped in it’s tracks gathering around listening to the joyful comic rendition of this classic comedy song. It would not work in black and white this street photograph, there is too much positivity in it.


York, 2018

Plugging In

There’s something peaceful about being “plugged in” with your earbuds, plugged into your own world whether it’s your favourite playlist or an audio book. Blocking the world out to focus on being in the moment with your audio. Musing over song lyrics that are taking you back into the past, visualising the characters in a story you’re listening to. Personally I love to do both. With sensory issues it’s a sanity saver especially in public noisy places. The audio focus grounds you, blocking out distractions.


Sheffield, 2017