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Plugging In

There’s something peaceful about being “plugged in” with your earbuds, plugged into your own world whether it’s your favourite playlist or an audio book. Blocking the world out to focus on being in the moment with your audio. Musing over song lyrics that are taking you back into the past, visualising the characters in a story you’re listening to. Personally I love to do both. With sensory issues it’s a sanity saver especially in public noisy places. The audio focus grounds you, blocking out distractions.

Sheffield, 2017
Blog Roll, Street Photography

A Snap of Train Station Life

Great Britain is home to the oldest railway system in the world. 1825 was the year the first public railway opened, this was swiftly followed by rapid expansion nationwide. The Station being written about here is my local station – Chesterfield. The North Midland Railway from Derby from Leeds was the first line into Chesterfield in 1840. The original station was built in the Jacobean style, in 1870 it was replaced with a new one in the current