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Craft Beer Festival 2019, Rail Ale

I love candid people photography at events. This really helps keep my observations skills sharp for photographing weddings and other family events.

The challenge was working with one small camera. In this instance a FujiFilm X10. The light outdoors was very very different to the indoor lighting. Indoors had a very high roof, nowhere to bounce flash. An High ISO over around 1600-3200 was used to compensate for this. The X10 can handle this level of Low light quite well.

I was mainly looking for interactions between people, funny moments and as there was a band playing, some performance photography, this was great as the lighting was excellent on the stage.

Public event are great to photograph there is limitless opportunity for good photographs.










Public Events

Remembrance Day 2018

Staveley Town Remembrance Parade and Service.
Remembrance Day 2018 is a landmark event, commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War. My local remembrance day event is always well attended and has become increasingly so in recent years.

Despite the cold and a slight drizzle of rain the weather stayed mostly dry from around 10:45 onwards. 

The Parade paused at Staveley High Street for the general public to join in the march to the Garden of Remembrance for the service at 11am. Music was provided The Chesterfield and Ireland Colliery Brass Band.

The parade was service was organised by Staveley Town Council in conjunction with the Active Branch of Staveley Royal British Legion.

After the service the parade marched into the the grounds of Staveley Hall and dismissed.