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Full Moon and Ambient Light

I never know what I am going to see when i walk home from work, especially during the dark nights of Winter. This image was shot at 17:00 on the 20th December 2018. the way i experience the world in a visual sense means that light plays a massive part in bringing structure the dominant images i see. Here it’s the structure in the clouds making them look angry and how the moonlight filters out of them slowly dying away towards the edges.

I thought the ambient orange glow of the streetlight complemented the glow of the moonlight perfectly. This orange glow reminds me of the Neil Young Song, “Across the Borderline.” Specifically the lyric…..

“There’s a place where I’ve been told 
Every street is paved with gold 
And it’s just across the borderline 
And when it’s time to take your turn 
Here’s a lesson that you must learn 
You could lose more than you’ll ever hope to find”

I think the mood of the image and song match perfectly.

Cut through alley from Ireland Industrial Estate to Poolsbrook Park
Published Work

Laid to Rest – Mike Yow

During Early November 2018, Mike Yow an aspiring musician from North Carolina, US. has just released his very first studio album titled “Laid to Rest”. The album genre is singer/songwriter and Americana folk.

Mike stumbled upon My “Misty Cemetery” Image on an image search and requested to use it as the background of the back side of his CD case with the track listing. I granted permission to use this image with his work on the basis of a sleeve credit. Some weeks went by and on the morning of Dec 15th 2018 the CD dropped through my letterbox all the way from America.

It’s a beautifully sung, produced and presented album of 10 Tracks mostly original material. A constant relaxing beat, great vocals and meaningful lyrically rich songs.

Mikes Facebook Page can be found here

Lo Res 800px LS.jpg
Laid To Rest – Mike Yow
Misty Cemetery