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Advantages of a Pancake Lens

The actual size of a pancake lens is it’s greatest advantage. It’s light, unobtrusive and you’ll not really notice any additional weight to your camera body. “Pancake” is a general term for a short barrelled lens they are flat and have a thin shaped profile. Most Pancake lenses are prime lenses, they do not have a zoom.

Here are 5 reasons to use a pancake lens

Image Quality
Prime lenses are generally sharper than zoom lenses. From a design point of view because there are fewer focal lengths to accommodate it’s easier to create a lens that will produce a sharp image.

More Light
Great for low light scenarios. If you are shooting in low light a prime lens will help get the exposure that you are aiming for.

Sharper Images
Even if you step down to achieve a really shallow depth of field you will still get a nice sharp image. Most lenses are soft when the aperture is fully open, with a prime lens this isn’t necessarily the case.

Smaller & Lighter
Generally speaking prime lenses are smaller and lighter than zoom lenses. If weight and space is paramount to you a prime lens would probably suit you.

Value for money
Prime lenses tend to be better value for money when it comes down to price for the quality of the image you are paying for. The current price of a pancake lens in the UK is around £216.00

A few images shot with my own pancake lens Canon EF40mm f/2.8 STM the light source is the ambient light of the scene. The camera used was a Canon 1000D that has been replaced by a 7D MkII