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Welcome to my World

Writing this blog and keeping it updated is taking the pressure off sharing to social media platforms for instant gratification and getting back to basics with my photography work, not hunting for likes, comments and such but just sharing my work, writing about it and if people like that and follow to see more then that will be a bonus. I am autistic and I want to advocate for autistic people and come across that we can and do succeed in accomplishing personal goals.

Day 01 - Swing
Park Swing, 2017

I love to share my work and how I see the world. I’ve never had a massive following online (under 5,000) collectively, with very little real engagement. However my personal FB account breaks that trend and is very active. with around 40% of my Friends List actively engaging at some point with comments and messages rather than just pressing the like button.

There is no advertising or affiliates on my site. It is financed by undertaking photography work for clients who book me for weddings, family events and portraits. The site is also self hosted on a shared server, it is not part of a social media giant.

If you like what you see, follow me and let’s get this blog thriving!

Somewhere over the Rainbow, 2016