Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
My photography style is a mixture of the traditional formal photography and the more contemporary reportage style. Colour and Mono styles feature in my work. I cover from preparation to first dance depending on your requirements. My photography is flexible and suited to all budgets. I work in an unobtrusive manner capturing your special day as it unfolds. I do not and will never make the day a day about photography, the photography is a record of the wedding not the wedding itself. My Wedding photography is real not bridal magazine advertisements, reflects the personality of the bride and groom and creates a real and often surprising memory of the wedding day.

Rings and Shoes
Contemporary Wedding Photography tends to feature details that are special to the bride and groom. This could be a reference to the wedding rings and interconnecting with the bride and groom, how they met, favourite songs, items of clothing, anything that evokes a special memory that unites the them. I tend to photograph the rings and shoes separate from the wedding day so as to be able to concentrate more on creating something special that stands apart from other photographers work. the is no extra charge for this service. Like a pre-wedding photoshoot it is an excellent opportunity to get to meet the bride and groom and gives an insight to how I work.

Pre-wedding Shoot
A pre-wedding photo shoot serves two purposes – I get to find out how the bride and groom react and work with the camera and the bride and groom get to find out how I operate behind the camera. With experience, this makes for better, relaxed images on the wedding day itself.

Bridal and Groom Preparation
Photographs at preparation can often be some of the most important photographs taken of the whole day. More often than not these are taken at the friends or relatives of the bride or grooms or other designated place. These give a lasting reminder of an intimate time between close family members, the bride/groom, bridesmaids/wedding party and may also include the brides parents too.

Wedding Details at the Venue
So much effort, cost and organisation goes into the wedding day. Part of what I do is arrive at the venue prior to the wedding breakfast starting and photograph the room, cake, decorations, table layout and any other significant things at the venue. This ensures that the bride and groom have a great memory to cherish of all the effort, thought and expense that has been put in to make a memorable day for everyone.

Bride and Groom
Photographing the Bride and Groom away from the hustle and bustle of the while event provides an intimate insight into the wedding day. Using the actual venue, grounds and surrounding area I take the bride and groom off from the wedding party and we have a brief period of around 20 mins to create some memorable images. To avoid too much interruption to the wedding this is usually done after the formal group shots. Starting with the whole wedding party then finally ending up with the bride and groom on their own. This ensures that the wedding party is not stood waiting around for the photographer when they should be making their way to the celebration wedding breakfast or reception.

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches
An unobtrusive candid photography record of the wedding breakfast formalities either before or after the meal. Recording the speeches and guest reactions. This part of the day can often produce some great candid moments when the “beans are spilled” on the antics of the groom or unusual antics in childhood that bonds the best man and groom.

The basic price of each package includes the following:
1, All consultations, meetings and correspondence specifically related to the wedding photography and attendance at rehearsal, should you wish for me to attend.
2, Travel Expenses within the Chesterfield Area.
3, My time capturing the special memories of your wedding day.
4, All post-production, preparation, editing.
5, Delivery of all edited images on datadisc.

The amount of images you will receive will vary with each package. The images during the editing process are assessed to a quality criteria and edited to suit the mood lighting and feel of the image. No two images are the same thus each image is worked on as an individual item. I don’t put a maximum limit on the amount of images you will receive on disc.

A non-returnable booking fee is required to secure the date for your wedding, the balance due 28 Days before the day of the Wedding.