Christenings, Dedications and other Religious Ceremonies
I’ll cover a Christening from the start of the service through to the reception afterwards. All packages are inclusive of travel, shooting and all post shoot editing, preparation and finalisation.

As each job is individual a personal quote for your Christening will be forwarded to you on application.

As your photographer for your special event I work with you to get the images you desire, ensuring you get all the family group photos that you want. When shooting a Christening I like to take advantage of the great family nature of the day, hence a large proportion of the event will be shot candidly. These images work very well in black and white, giving a timeless feel to your memories.

With regard to photography during the service it is very much up to the person conducting the service if the photography can be shot and/or flash used at the venue or during the service. This will be researched beforehand if not already known. I have a preference of introducing myself to the person conducting the ceremony if at all possible to have first hand knowledge of the venue, service and etiquette while i am working.

Here i would envisage capturing formal photographs of the family groups taking direction from you as to who you want in the photographs. These can be either inside or outside as required.

Informal and candid shots of those attending the event make for some of the most memorable images of the day. Here I will use a reportage style of photography.