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Visual Decay

The pits (coal mines) of Derbyshire all had one striking feature in common… The Railway. The bridge here crosses the old dismantled railway to the old Ireland Colliery site that is now home to various industrial units and thriving businesses.

It stands abandoned yet functional, not in a state of disrepair more a state of visual decay. It’s covered in unsightly graffiti, rusted to hell. It looks as though it hasn’t had a paint job in years. I’m not sure if I remember it any other way. What I do know is that it looks an eyesore in passing, It look foreboding as if some chav is waiting like a troll to pounce on you when crossing.

The Old Railway Bridge, Fan Road, Staveley 2019
The Old Railway Bridge, Fan Road, Staveley 2019
Blog Roll, Musings of a Photographer

For it to be Different

On the 30th of December I went for a mid-afternoon stroll with my camera along the Staveley Section of the Chesterfield Canal. Under the bridge at the Staveley Canal Basin was this Graffiti. It stopped me in my tracks.

In a moment of self-reflection I pondered what this meant to the person who wrote it. Perhaps nothing, then again perhaps it was reaching out to someone who walked the same path they did and hope they would understand what it means. To me it gave me creative scope to interpret it myself based on my own life experiences and direction.


I love to post my work alongside lyrics/songs that have some meaning and bring the image to life. With this one, I think “Under the bridge” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers works really well.

I don’t ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way