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Winter in a Country Park

I travel through Poolsbrook Country Park on my way to work in the week, I see all the seasons throughout the year. The sunsets, the sunrises, the snow, the iced over lake and the burnt, dry grass of summer… all of them.


This series is shot entirely in natural light over a number of years with different cameras and lenses. Due to work and family commitments it is very hard to get time out to photograph for myself so I tend to photograph while walking to my destinations.


I have a very small window of time to photograph in the park during my walk to work, I would say around 15 to 20 minutes in total. This is dependent on the weather and the clarity of the sunrise. Results are very often varied but rarely do I come out without getting at least half a dozen shots that I’m happy with.


It’s not uncommon to see the lake frozen mid-winter, the lake becoming a “landing pad” for the wild birds that breed and live there. Towards the end of Winter when the temperature starts to rise eerie mist is seen floating off the pond, very often onto the stretch of road that runs by the park. Most of the trees have no leaves at this time except for a few perennials.


Although the park is not at first viewing aesthetically pleasing due to electric cables and pylons I’m a big believer in making the best of what you have to work with and decided long ago to make the pylons a fixture in the pictures i shoot at the park. Composed with care the pylons can look not too much out of place and adds to the dramatic skies that are often seen over the skyline at sunrise.

Frost and Berries go well together
The frosticles are beautiful


Blog Roll, Musings of a Photographer

Nightlight – ambient lit streets, windows and alleys

I hope for the viewer to take away from this series that there is beauty in the most unlikely of places, especially the places that are more often than not overlooked in daylight but once lit up at night take on a whole new personality.

The Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

For years light has fascinated me, particularly window and street light. It gives so much mood to streets and alleyways. Film noir lighting in old movies inspires me with this type of photography. The technical side of the work is a challenge and a lot of thought has to go into the shooting, production and editing the images to get the desired outcome.

Betting Shop Back Entrance, Staveley, Derbyshire

I started this project around 5 years ago and shoot new material in the autumn and winter times. This  is mainly for convenience due to my work constraints. It is handy living in a town centre… there are lots of lit areas that have interesting points about them. I’m looking to create moody striking images that bring the everyday mundane to life through the use of the available ambient light. The series is shot entirely on manual mode so the exposure can be controlled effectively.

Inside view of a manufacturing plant, Staveley, Derbyshire

The quality of light that is illuminating the scene can be a challenge. Digital noise can be an issue if not controlled properly through efficient use of ISO, although quite high settings have been used modern day digital cameras far exceed the limitations of the digital cameras even 10 years ago and can produce excellent results in the most dimmiest of lit scenes.

The Flyover Bridge, Staveley, Derbyshire

The idea that light passing through, bouncing off and illuminating objects giving remarkable shape and structure to the most mundane things seen in broad daylight is fascinating.

Day 68 - Light Retail Therapy
Town Centre, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Town Centre, Staveley, Derbyshire


Blog Roll, Musings of a Photographer

For it to be Different

On the 30th of December I went for a mid-afternoon stroll with my camera along the Staveley Section of the Chesterfield Canal. Under the bridge at the Staveley Canal Basin was this Graffiti. It stopped me in my tracks.

In a moment of self-reflection I pondered what this meant to the person who wrote it. Perhaps nothing, then again perhaps it was reaching out to someone who walked the same path they did and hope they would understand what it means. To me it gave me creative scope to interpret it myself based on my own life experiences and direction.


I love to post my work alongside lyrics/songs that have some meaning and bring the image to life. With this one, I think “Under the bridge” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers works really well.

I don’t ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way